Safety Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

Management of safety risks should be integrated into a company’s business plan and managed in the same manner as any other business risk.  Beler Safety & Health can develop and implement a system tailored to your business that will help you achieve the health and safety performance you require.

Our Safety & Health consultants have worked with many systems and can bring this knowledge and expertise in developing best practice safety management systems for other companies, to developing your individual system.

We are a specialist safety, health, consulting and support service that meets the specific needs of our clients by delivering simple and sustainable results.  We can provide you with the best advice and help you implement safety strategies.

Understanding Safety Management Systems

A good Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can help prevent injuries, property loss, reduce Workers Comp costs and ensure due diligence and increase the likelihood of a company maintaining existing contract work and also winning new contract/tender work. Beler can review, update and manage your Safety Management Systems as OSH laws change, your client’s requirements change and your business grow to ensure continued compliance.

Many companies struggle to understand the requirements of what a Safety Management System is, or even what should be in a Safety Management System. This can cause a great deal of stress and confusion within the organisation, especially for those who are tasked with the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system. Even worse is this stress and confusion can then lead to increased costs and wasted time without actually achieving any positive benefit to the organisation.

If you are also a company that is based on a contractor model and is required to submit for Contract and Tender work then having a robust Safety Management System is becoming a critical part of your business as many of your existing and potential clients will expect this to be in place. If your Safety Management System is inadequate this will significantly reduce your ability to maintain existing work or win new works.

Why Choose Beler

Beler can review, update and manage your Safety Management Systems as OSH laws change, your clients requirements change and your business grows to ensure continued compliance.

We assist businesses in conducting a gap analysis to identify areas of weakness and strength and give you a clear picture of where you need improvements. Our team uses this analysis to develop a comprehensive health and safety management system for your business if needed.

We know every company is different and so are your needs and wants when it comes to managing health and safety, so we do not offer expensive generic safety procedures and training materials that usually do not work for your business, we customise and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Our Process

We work with you to understand your business and what your needs are through our simple 3-step process:

    1. We start with a safety audit (sometimes called a gap analysis) of your business to determine the scope of your needs and wants both from an internal and external perspective.
    2. From there we develop your customised health and safety system improvement program, we then sit with you and explain what the program is and how works.
    3. Finally, we work with you to develop and implement the requirements of the program, so you achieve the outcomes of your needs and wants

We're Flexible

At Beler, we pride ourselves on being a highly flexible and mobile service provider to our clients and as such we have a strong focus on providing our services in the most convenient way to our clients. Simply put, we don’t like sitting in our office. We feel that direct contact with our clients is critical for us to provide the quality service you need, so our Consultants have the ability to work dynamically with you based on what works best for you.


We develop a framework for occupational safety and health (OSH) management initiatives that will assist organisations in the identification of required strategies, planning for and prioritisation for the implementation of these initiatives. Beler Safety & Health use AS 4801 and AS 4804 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems as the basis of this framework as it is consistent with the ISO 9001 and will allow for auditing of the OSH management system.

OSH Management

An OSH management system can be described as a practical attempt to manage real issues and responsibilities with its purpose being systematic control. This assures the organisation that the, shareholders, employees and the public that the organisation has defined what it expects to happen and that it has processes in place to ensure that OHS related activities that are taking place are planned and known.

The system is dynamic, easily integrated with other management systems and grows with the organisation and its inherent needs.

QHSE Management System Lifecycle

  • 0. Propose
  • 1. Plan
  • 2. Develop
  • 3. Review
  • 4. Implement
  • 5. Clarify
  • 6. Audit
  • 7. Improve
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