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Incidents & Investigations

Have you experienced a recent workplace incident?
Need to conduct an urgent health and safety investigation?
Unsure where to start or how to handle the emergency?
Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

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We have put together the following checklist to assist businesses with immediate response after workplace incidents, helping you to understand;

  • What To Do Immediately After The Incident
  • What To Do In The First Few Days After The Incident
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Quick Response Incident Investigations Services

Sometimes accidents or incidents happen, and they can be quite costly to your business, many organisations only look at the obvious costs of an incident such as medical expenses, equipment repair/replacement, etc. But this can actually be only a small cost to your business and does not represent the hidden costs associated with an incident such as loss of production/productivity, increased insurance premiums, poor process/work methods used as workarounds, legal expenses, loss of customers, reputational damage.

Our Consultants are well versed in conducting Incident Investigations (ICAM & Tap Root) so that IF something goes wrong, we can help you to identify the causes and make improvement recommendations to help prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

Your Obligation

As an employer, you have a legal and moral duty to ensure you provide a safe workplace and investigate all incidents so that you minimise the risk of reoccurrence and possible injury to others. All accidents/incidents have the potential to impact your employees however significant incidents can result in serious injury, environmental impacts, damage to plant and equipment, loss of productivity and damage to your company’s reputation and business continuity. You may also be required to report the accident/incident to the relevant Regulatory Authority as part of your legal obligations.

Our Process

Carrying out an investigation is not as easy as it sounds and many organisations struggle to understand the investigation methodology and how to effectively investigate an incident. It is common for organisations to focus just on the actions of the individual, or workgroup, involved in the incident as the “Root Cause” of the incident and put in a control action against the person. This rarely works as it does not address the more underlying causal factors of the incident, and similar incidents will re-occur within the organisation.

When it comes to incidents and investigations, Beler use a simple 3 step process:

  1. Understand the incident and the whole of business impacts
  2. Use a range of investigation methodology techniques to identify Defences, Actions, Conditions and Organisational Factors
  3. Analyse the findings, identify causal factors and make recommendations

Importance of incident investigations

Accidents and Incidents rarely result from an obvious single cause, most are the result of an immediate trigger and a sequence of events with multiple underlying causes that culminate in the incident. An effective accident and incident investigation enables you to identify all the causes and analyse the events that contributed to the incident.

In the event of a significant accident or incident it is essential to act quickly and that the incident investigation is managed in a structured and systematic way so that evidence and data collection is effectively gathered and the investigation identifies the causal factors so that appropriate controls can be put in place to prevent a reoccurrence.

Costs of Incidents

  • Covered by Insurance
  • Not covered by Insurance

Lost time, overtime and temp worker wages, production downtime & delays, replacement of equipment, product damage, cleanup costs, investigation time and costs, fines and prosecutions, legal fees, damage to reputation, loss of contracts or future work

Why Hire Beler Safety and Health?

Beler Safety and Health can help support your organisation by providing an independent and impartial investigation and ensuring that after an accident/incident a detailed and comprehensive investigation is carried out that focuses on the process for gathering the evidence and determining the causal factors based on the key elements of:

Defences that are designed to assist and prevent personnel from doing the wrong thing or prevent equipment failing that then results in an accident or incident. Defences assist personnel from being able to make the wrong decision and include procedures, equipment, early warning devices, training and protective equipment.
Actions that an individual or team did, or did not, do while having direct contact with the equipment or processes and are based on Human Errors. Actions are based on the methodology of Slips, Lapses, Mistakes and Violations and may be deliberate or accidental. Actions can highlight unique situations and also systemic and accepted poor practices that increase the likelihood of other incidents occurring if not identified and corrected.
Conditions are those factors that contributed to people making errors and are categorised into Workplace Factors and Human Factors. Both factors are based on pre-existing conditions that increase the potential for an incident to occur. Many of the Workplace Factors have been present for considerable time and have usually been linked to previous hazards or incidents, Human Factors may be associated with work and non-work conditions.
Factors that have been allowed to exist within the organisation and have a direct link to producing or contributing to the Absent/failed defences, Individual/Team Actions and Task and Environmental Conditions. Organisational Factors are primarily the result of Strategic management decisions, processes and practices within the organisation  and may lie dormant and undetected until they combine with one or more contributing factors that then lead to the incident occurring.
At the completion of the investigation, Beler Safety and Health will provide you with a clear and concise report that outlines the causal factors and recommendations to mitigate and manage the risks to reduce the likelihood of re-occurence of the situation or conditions.

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