About Beler

About Beler Safety & Health

Our team will give you sound advice, not OSH jargon, we want to help you make decisions on what your business needs to be compliant with the ever-changing OSH laws/legislative requirements.

You manage most aspects of your business yourself but sometimes the pain and frustration of what is required and how to implement and manage your Safety Systems can be overwhelming, we have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team with extensive experience in OSH who can make the process simple and painless for you.

Why Choose Beler

We understand the value of a safe workplace and budgetary constraints faced by businesses and as such we assess your needs and build upon existing programs and documentation. At Beler our strength lies in identifying where help is needed, determining control measures and delivering effective solutions in a timely manner. Our team of OSH experts makes your Safety Systems work for you by providing overall business improvement while reducing overall costs associated with a poor and ineffective system.

We listen to what our clients want and need and work with them to develop and implement products and processes that exceed their expectations.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Developing and implementing a bespoke Safety and Quality Management System and processes
  • Meeting your legislative obligations as an employer
  • Improving safety and quality performance across your business
  • Reducing operating costs trying to manage an ineffective Safety and Quality System
  • Assistance with reviewing and monitoring your systems
  • Increasing ability to beat your competitors when applying to new tenders and contracts
  • Improving action plans
  • Ensuring you are able to meet and exceed your customers’ requirements and expectations
  • Providing ongoing support through safety talks and toolbox meetings
  • Carrying out internal auditing and workplace inspections and provide written status reports
  • Carrying out incident investigations to identify causal factors and controls
  • Developing and implement your systems and processes for AS/NZS and ISO Certification

We tailor our services to meet the demands of individual businesses and workplaces.

Certifications & Best Practice

If you are looking for that next level of development within your Safety and Quality systems, we can also help you develop, implement and maintain your systems and processes for AS/NZS and ISO Certification.

Our consultants are highly experienced and accredited Auditors who will work with you throughout the development and implementation process and help your business achieve the required certification.

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